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por donde empiezo!

Have emigrate from Magallanes to Chile..because of love.

Tought that going to miss it.. sometimes I do!

But I always return to enjoy.

Joy is here also.

A reload of my MTB


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The lovely beginning of Spring

Valle Robalo & Cerro la Bandera, Dientes de Navarino

This is the info for this season of the Catamaran at Pehoe Lake. Remember that you get there at 11:00 hrs with the regular buses time to go to Salto Grande, the catamaran is very punctual on the departure. If there is too much people they would make two trips more if necessary

Season 2010-2011

Season 2011 / 2012 From Pudeto From Paine Grande
Salida desde: Salida desde:
1st October – 15th October 20011 12:00 PM 12:30 PM
16th October – 15th November 20011 12:00 / 18:00 pm  12:30  / 18:30
16th November – 15th March 2012 9:30 /12:00 / 18:00 10:00 / 12:00 / 18:00
16th March – 31th March 2012 12:00 / 18:00 pm  12:30  / 18:30
APRIL 12:00 PM 12:30 PM

TICKETs $ 12.000 ONE WAY

$19.000 ROUND TRIP



Trips at 09:30 AM / 10:00 AM, DONT GO on days 25/12/20011 and 01/01/20012




This morning I wake up with this interesting new about,  how Torres del Paine was chosen as the best trekking circuit in the World*.

But as a guide in Torres del Paine… make me think about it.. is really the best trek?? the world is humongous there are great places in the world with different environments and at the end is all how is the ” Personal Experience”.

I have had clients that always compare with Peru..probably the like more to be attended by the porters or the Himalayas with the tremendous mountains.. like the bigger the fish.. or the Denali.. or the Muirs Trail or the south Island. All of them have their mystery and prize.

Do I want to work in the best trekking circuit in the world?

NO… probably you are asking why.. it’s a lovely place..it’s great.. but some years ago NatGeo choose the best national parks in the world and we where second sharing it with the South Island and just below the Norwegian Fjords and the difference was the management in 2008 we have 141.026 visitors ( 39.190 Chileans 101.836 foreign). There are problems with sewer systems of the lodgings.. there are 22 park rangers for the 200.000 hectares, the trails are eroded, the roads are unpaved causing acoustic and dust pollution to the habitat of flora and fauna around them.

And I don’t even want to start talking about the business man’s and how they take advantage of the people. But working 12-14 hours shifts for 12 days and 3 days off… in this paradise.. is like birds in a cage

Despite this… the criteria* of how the choose it the what I like.. it seems to be partial. Some of them are writed by travellers others finance by magazines for a profit.

For me….

Is the best place where I can live and work

From Serrano River








*: http://www.wikiexplora.com/index.php/Best_Treks_/_Hikes_of_the_World,_top_100

Torres del Paine Weather Forecast:

Refugio’s of the W Circuit and Big Circuit at Torres del Paine National Park
The forecast is quite accurate (by my personal experience) the next 48 hours, the following days it give you a general idea.
Cities of Patagonia
Links to Weather sites

  • Rollings hills shaded by rainy clouds over lake pehoe in Torres del Paine

Fall in Torres del Paine

Originally uploaded by Sergio R. Nuñez C.


Originally uploaded by Sergio R. Nuñez C.

End of the summer season… or the reproduction time.. some of this penguins go to Brasil… and I’m following them… see you there!

Dont touch….

Originally uploaded by Sergio R. Nuñez C.

This close…. to far…Want to go this close? It’s a life time experience..